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Powerful protection. Outstanding services.

We have been serving our customers since 1911. From Carinthia to Lower Austria and from Vienna to Upper Austria, our 120 employees work to ensure that roads are safe and buildings retain their value.

Our success is based on our decades of experience, dependability and adherence to schedules. With Eisenschutz, you can be certain of receiving a professional solution tailored to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you.

Four become one.

In September 2019, four companies – Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H., Panitzky Gesellschaft m.b.H., Ing. Otto Richter & Co Straßenmarkierungen GmbH and Tancsos u. Binder GmbH – combined to form a single, strong brand under the name of Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H.

The benefits for our customers are obvious. Joining forces and pooling resources simplifies processes, which means we can work more efficiently and with a greater focus on our customers.


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