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Arsenalsteg, Vienna

Photo: View of the bridge under construction; construction site fences and barriers; in the foreground is a construction worker with a hi-viz vest and helmet; he is holding a tablet in his hand and pointing at the site; in the background are high-rise buildings, a multistorey car park, a red crane, power lines and a cloudy sky.
Facts and Figures
Company Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H.
PrincipalGLS Bau und Montage G.M.B.H.
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Corrosion protection
Runtime05.2019 - 04.2020

Corrosion protection for the Arsenalsteg.

The Arsenalsteg is a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting the 3rd and 10th districts of Vienna. It runs from the Arsenal complex to the area around Gudrunstrasse and the new neighbourhood under construction near Vienna Central Station. Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H. received the order to implement corrosion protection in the spring of 2019. 

The new bridge passes over the overhead wires of train lines and, due to the change in elevation between the train lines and Arsenalstrasse, stands around 13.5m above the ground to the north of Arsenalstrasse. Accessibility is ensured by a two-cabin lift, which was installed in addition to the obligatory staircase and instead of a ramp system.

The bridge is approximately 260m long and 8.80m wide.

In terms of corrosion protection, we applied a protective coating to prefabricated pieces in accordance with the Austrian guidelines and requirements for the road sector (RVS) but stopped before applying the optional final ‘design paintwork’. Once the support structure was in place, our team worked on the welding seam areas, repaired damage caused during transport and installation, and then applied the design paintwork. We set up scaffolding to compensate for height differences in some areas and operated low-pressure enclosures.