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Commercial wrapping for the PORR Austria vehicle fleet

Photo: a small PORR truck in front of a wall, viewed from in front and to the side; branded with a thick horizontal blue stripe on a white background; large yellow PORR corporate logo on the passenger-side door and small PORR logo on the bonnet
Facts and Figures
Company Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H.
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Wrapping
Runtime01.2018 - in progress

New branding for the vehicle fleet.

The successful relaunch of PORR’s corporate logo in 2018 meant that the entire PORR Austria vehicle fleet needed to be re-wrapped. Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H. received an order from PORR’s Group Communications department to apply a new wrapping with a uniform layout to all vehicles in the fleet.  

We first removed the outdated wrapping from all vehicles before applying the new wrapping.

The PORR Group also calls on our specialists’ expertise to provide wrappings for their new vehicles. In this case, we apply wrappings before the vehicles are delivered to workshops such as Porsche Donaustadt. Only once the wrappings have been applied, are the vehicles delivered to the end customers. Eisenschutz provides wrapping services for around 120 new vehicles in the PORR fleet each year.