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Residential complex in Maria Enzersdorf

Photo: construction site with partially plastered internal walls; in the foreground, a man in a dark-blue shirt holding a pen and clipboard while inspecting a freshly plastered wall
Facts and Figures
Company Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H.
PrincipalPORR Bau GmbH
LocationMaria Enzersdorf - Austria
Type Painting
Runtime04.2019 - 08.2020

Putting the final touches to new apartments.

In April 2019, Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H. was asked to use its expertise to carry out painting work at a residential complex in Maria Enzersdorf.

The order was issued by PORR Bau GmbH, the company that constructed the complex. During this project, experts from Eisenschutz applied coatings to brickwork, plaster, concrete and drywall, and also carried out a range of painting work on metal surfaces.

The residential complex comprises a basement level, including an underground car park with 50 spaces, and four above-ground floors with a total of 28 accommodation units. The first step was to carry out cleaning and grinding work on the concrete and drywall surfaces. 

We also applied a deep primer coating to the walls and ceilings, completely covered all concrete surfaces with spackle, and installed edge protectors on all corners and outer edges. After that, we applied two coats of interior dispersion paint to all wall and ceiling surfaces using rollers. We prepared the metal surfaces, also known as jambs, by sanding them before applying a standard artificial resin coating in the desired colours.

Our expertise and years of experience, combined with the professional materials we used, ultimately delivered a harmonious result and guarantee that the residential complex’s future tenants will feel at home here for years to come.