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Wrapping services for PORR Congress

Photo: a hall with seating areas and tables made from pallets; folders featuring the PORR corporate design lying on the tables; signposts and boards featuring the PORR design
Facts and Figures
Company Eisenschutzgesellschaft m.b.H.
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Wrapping
Runtime01.2019 - 02.2019

A signposting system in yellow and blue.

Having a carefully considered visitor orientation and signposting system is crucial in ensuring the success of an event. Eisenschutz takes care of all wrapping services for the PORR Congress, a bi-annual event that attracts around 2,000 visitors. PORR last placed an order for the event in early 2019, including provision of the entire signposting system. Our experts in wrapping technology completed the project to the full satisfaction of our customer and wholly in keeping with our motto: “strikingly beautiful, beautifully striking”.

After receiving the layouts, we produced the desired formats using special printers and cut them to size with a plotter. At the same time, we cut the aluminium boards to the required sizes and cleaned them. The next stage was the wrapping itself. Finally, after leaving them to dry for 24 hours, we screwed the wrapped aluminium boards to the corresponding clamping plates and positioned them as instructed. With the signs in place, the two-day event was sure to be a success.