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Professional painting services.

The visual design of our surroundings plays a decisive role in our day-to-day lives. Eisenschutz is your specialist service provider for everything relating to design, colour and surfaces.

We place a strong emphasis on expert advice from the outset. When it comes to painting, priming and coating, our customers particularly value our flexibility and precision. We always draw on our specialist expertise and pay close attention to our customers’ wishes while taking into account the specific requirements of each project. Our experience and essential professional materials ultimately ensure harmonious results that will change your immediate surroundings for the better.

In addition, our versatility shines through in the range of related services we offer, such as floor coatings, façade coatings, wood sealing, wallpapering, mould treatment and surface treatments following water damage. We are a highly professional, dependable partner, whatever the project.

Your contact for painting services.

Head of Painting